Wednesday, July 24, 2019

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Jewelry sales sparkled during the 2010 holiday season

Plain Dealer-Jan. 12, 2011
Chairman and Chief Executive Michael Kowalski noted that sales of fine jewelry, diamond engagement rings and fashion gold jewelry were particularly strong.

Alexis Bittar Lands in San Francisco

Fashionista-Apr. 17, 2011
The store stands out like a gem, with walls painted by artist Marcela D'Aprile, Bittar's ongoing taxidermy animal fixtures, and the requisite jewelry collection.

How I'm Making It: Jamie Wolf (aka Natalie Portman's Engagement ...

Fashionista-Feb. 3, 2011
Fashionista: How long have you been designing jewelry? ... My love of design and fashion led me to leave New York City Ballet to focus on what had been, until ...
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Vintage Jewelry Experts On The Art Of Buying Baubles

StyleCaster-Jun. 5, 2011
... to The Inside Source, eBays digital style magazine, spoke to Elizabeth Doyle. ... Elizabeth Doyle: I have loved jewelry for as long as I can remember.

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