Friday, July 26, 2019

Jewelers Divided Over Use of Coral

New York Times-Dec. 7, 2009
Coral continued to enjoy a special place among jewelry and fashion lovers, until ... Now, some jewelers have stopped using it, worried about the environmental ...

Healing Stones Find New Roles

New York Times-Nov. 23, 2009
... not just in jewelry but increasingly in skin care, beauty and health treatments. ... Going a step beyond the use of stones for body massages, a new fashion is ...

Houston man arrested in $1.5 million JC Penney heist near Covington

The Times-Picayune - 9, 2009
An investigator in Pasadena connected the style of the break-ins to similar ... filled with cash and a spare tire stuffed with about $250,000 in jewelry, Mitchell said.
Story image for style jewelry from

Thieves dressed as Hasidic Jews rob jewellery shop 8, 2009
The pair, who wore Orthodox-style black coats and hats and sported fake beards, stole an estimated $4million (£2.6million) worth of diamonds from a ...

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