Monday, December 9, 2019

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Paul Serra, Jayme Tramutola 27, 2010
The bridesmaids were Crystal Billera, Dana Gioia, Alexa Gioia, Dr. Kara Greenberg, Theresa Massih, Beatrice Serra, Ashee Smith and Robin Zweiback.
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Bryan Migliorisi, Crystal Guerra are married 1, 2010
The bridesmaids were Lisa M. Migliorisi, Jessica Cruz, Nicole Seblano and Lisa Lomovasky. Daniel Migliorisi was the best man for his brother. The ushers were ...

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Vincent Sciulla, Amy Guglielmo are married 9, 2010
The bridesmaids were Desiree Didonna, Suzanne Ratcliffe, Catherine Sciulla, Danielle Leone, Danielle Fleischer and Elizabeth Scano. Robert Tarwacki and ...

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