Monday, December 9, 2019

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Andrew Gise, Christine Pedi are married 1, 2010
The bridesmaids were Danielle Costanzo, Jeanine Carrera, Rachel Hooks and Tina Sabatino. The junior bridesmaids were Madeline Carrera and Jenna ...
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Permanent Collection: Merritt Chase's A Friendly Call 16, 2010
Let's see… there's the dress (designer? shape? style?), hair (ditto), bridesmaids (who, what-wearing?) flowers (colors? character?) food, cake, carriage and the ...
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Thomas Christensen, Christine Kelly are married 23, 2010
The bridesmaids were Cathleen Kelly, Amanda Rivera, Shawna Melloy, Andrea Esposito, Lisa Vognak and Heather Christensen. The junior bridesmaids were ...
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Rock Hoti, Cherilyn Harasek are married 10, 2010
The bridesmaids were Mary Jane Guarino, Jillian Benfield, Shauna Bilotto, Kayla Bilotto, Shannon Trulby, Danielle Neville and Patricia Hoti. The junior ...

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